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Install sample data is the fastest way to build your website and make it look like our demo.

Important Note:

When you install our template that styled for 3rd-party extensions:

  1. With Free extensions such as K2, Kunena, etc, your site is always shown as our demo.
  2. With Commercial extensions, you will have 2 cases:
  • If you don’t install the 3rd extension, some blocks in the demo built by 3rd extension will be replaced by HTML texts or articles.
  • If you install the 3rd extension, it will ensure your new site will look exactly like our demo. The extension must be installed first, before installing sample data.

All can be done in about 3 clicks

Install sample data

Step 1: Go to our template style setting.

Step 2: On the top right corner, click Data -> Sample data

Install sample data

Step 3: Click Install to start. You have 2 options to choose from:

  • Option 1: Install everything including content, layout and style
  • Option 2: Install only layout and style

In which,

  • Option 1 fits for anyone want to build a website fast and ensures professional design. When the installation is completed, your current content will be replaced. (not deleted)
  • Option 2 fits for anyone already have content on their site and want a beautiful design style instead. Or anyone wants to start from scratch with the current template style.

After a few minutes, the installation will be completed.

Change the content and design of sample data

In our demo layout, we often have many modules and sections in one page (especially homepage), to help you change the content faster.

By using the JSN PowerAdmin 2, you will find this task much conveniently and faster. Its job is to help you find the section you want to modify in second.

Note: It integrated into the sample data and free to use.

Here is how you make use of it to change sample data

Step 1: On the top bar, click on Site manager

Click on Site manager

Step 2: Find the name of the module you want to change on the right.

Note: You can also change the component or find any section with the same method.

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This article is from “Getting Started" series. A series that help new users speed up their development process and utilize every feature in JSN Sun Framework.

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