Remove JoomlaShine Copyright

This article will show you how to remove every JoomlaShine copyright marks on the template. Including "Joomla template by JoomlaShine"

Remove JoomlaShine Copyright

This line is a custom Joomla module, so you can remove it permanently, regarding your template edition.

Case 1

In some JoomlaShine templates, JoomlaShine Copyright was built by a custom module at ‘footer position’ as Hotel - niche of JSN Voyage.

To remove the Copyright in this case, you can do as follow:

Step 1: Go to template style setting → Footer section.

Step 2: Click on View Modules to remove Footer module is assigned for this position.

footer position

Step 3: Remove or modify the footer content.

Case 2

In other JSN Templates, to remove the Copyright you can do as follow:

Step 1: Go to the Template Style setting

Step 2: Find the module at Footer section named as “Custom HTML

Step 3: You can either delete the module or modify it by clicking on “Set HTML content” on the right.

remove JoomlaShine copyright

Remove “Template by JoomlaShine” line

Note: PRO edition of JoomlaShine template only

To remove the line, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Template Style setting

Step 2: Click on the “Joomla template by JoomlaShine” at the end.

Step 3: On control panel in the right, uncheck the “Show Branding” box.

remove Joomla template by JoomlaShine

The line will be removed.

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