Introduction JSN PageBuilder 4

The introduction of JSN PageBuilder 4 and the tutorial guide for beginners.

About JSN PageBuilder 4

JSN PageBuilder 4 is a powerful page builder tool that lets you build any Joomla site quickly and easily with the drag-and-drop mechanic. 

To help our customers get the best understanding of JSN PageBuilder 4, we have produced a series of tutorials and videos introducing about JSN PageBuilder 4 features and how it works. 

You can find mentioned documentation from and our Youtube channel. 

The purpose of this guide

Dr Steve Maraboli Slogan
Dr Steve Maraboli Slogan

JSN PageBuilder 4 is the next generation of JSN PageBuilder 3 from Joomlashine team which is considered as a big step with many improvements of its functions as well as UI. The fully-featured extension has become one of the most amazing tools for users to build their Joomla sites. 

Along with that, this guideline comes out to serve for the purpose of giving knowledge and practical information to users to craft any types of websites from an individual blog to an e-commerce site.

Introduction JSN PageBuilder 4

The introduction of JSN PageBuilder 4 and a useful tutorial guide for beginners

Chapter 1: Prepare assets- What you need to prepare before creating a page

Planning is the most important part of any construction process. It is undeniable that building a website will be the same as building your own house, you will need to choose the right concept, set the structure and then prepare all the necessaries and materials before starting.

Chapter 2: A Quick Tutorial to build Page Structure

JSN PageBuilder 4 provides three main containers which are Section, Row, and Column to design your page. These containers are made for specific purposes that you need to know before jumping into the editing page.

Chapter 3: How to add Content to Joomla page

Now when you start to build your perfect page with JSN PageBuilder 4, spend a few minutes to look through these tips to add content since they will help your process run smoothly.

Chapter 4: Learn to adjust The Layout Pages

In this chapter, you will learn how to edit the page layout with JSN PageBuilder 4 that helps you to create your page with a logical and organized structure.

Chapter 5: Style your Pages with default settings

This chapter includes application tips for styling your pages in a logical and compelling way.

Chapter 6: Check your final works

The final step is checking the live page to make sure everything is solid.

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