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  4. Why are you not updating JSN Page Builder infos on the JED (vers. 1.0.1) Last update May 2020 — On your site June 2021 (vers. 1.3.6) ?
After close to 2 years of evaluation of ALL Editor/Page Builder for Joomla. I’m coming back to Joomlashine & the JSN Page Builder.

Looking on the JED to see if something change in the reviews, I remark that all your extensions and JSN Page Builder where not updated for at least a year ????
(may 2020, (vers. 1.0.1) for the JSN Page Builder

On your site JSN Page builder indicate that it was updated in June 2021 for version 1.3.6. ?????

I’m almost certain to take your builder as MY editor on all my new websites, in facts your builder stay on top of my list as the best Editor/Page Builder out there in front of all the big players in the JED.

I’m just worry that you guys, seem to not be taking care of you're business, not even updating the JED infos make you look like abandonware...

Should I trust JSN to be there for me, what you guys doing ?
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