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OK, So this is one of those annoyances that I have had the "just deal with it" mentality for the past couple years, but I haven't had a site that required as much "just deal with it" as this latest site has. As such I've come to the conclusion that JoomlaShine needs to implement a solution for this instead.

If I install a Joomlashine template (JSN Marriage in my example screenshot below) I get 10 different Styles installed too.
The problem that this creates which leads to the "just deal with it" is that if I use more than one style there are certain aspects of each style I use that I have to configure for each style to the exact same setting. For most of my sites, this is handled simply enough by turning off the JSN byline at the bottom of the template for both styles and changing the logo for both styles. But now I have a site where we are really making use of the MegaMenu capabilities in JSN. And so we have to recreate our multi column, multi links, and multi modules used in the mega menu across each style of the JSN Template.

Suggestion 1:
JSN Needs to develop an export/import process that works with things like the mega menu but not the template styles so that a user could design the megamenu one time and then export/import it into the other template styles.

Suggestion 2:
Some settings in JSN Template styles need an option added to them to select the "Site" setting, or "Default" setting. Then provide a way for the side developer to configure what was the Site/Default settings. This would allow me to set up my logo as my Site Logo.
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