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Megazine 2 - "Main Body"

Hello JSN team,

I have a big problem that I've been trying to solve for days. Without success!
It is the case that when I open a content / contribution on a page of my website, it is opened / displayed on the same page in the "Main Body". Depending on where I placed the "Main Body" in the template.

I would like that if a content / contribution is clicked and opened, it happens on a new page with its own layout. It should be like in their demo. If I z. For example, if you click on "Swim Poll of the Week" under "Most Popular" on the "Home" page, it opens on a new page with the "Main Body" on the left and the "Joomla" container on the right.
I would also like to have that on my side!

Can you please help me there?

I thank you in advance for your efforts!

LG Mike
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