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I use JSN uniform for my forms. I love it, and i think its the most flexible and easy to use component in its kind.

Now i want to do something i think it would be very nice, and possibly it can be done with JSN Uniform.
I would like to create a satisfaction survey. Very simple, just a rating from 1 to 5 stars, a comment and optional name of the sender.
Up to here the only thing it can not be done i think is to show stars on the option buttons, but could just use numbers...

Now, this could have 2 interesting parts:
First, to have a module like a slideshow with selected comments and ratings received. This would be awesome!
Second, to have the possibility to pass the rating in the URL. So this would allow to embed this survey in an email for example. So in every email i send to customers, my email signature would include 5 links, each one with the rating from 1 to 5. This would lead to my website form, and the rating would be already selected from the link in the email, and they just have to write a comment and submit.

Having feedback from customers is very important for improving, but also having the possibility to show others what they say gives you credibility. The difficult part is to have them write or rate. Customers are very lazy for this, so helping as much as possible will improve the submitting.
The key point for this is the email signature, or better, to openly ask for this. Something like this:

Hope you find my help useful.
It would be grate if you could rate my support:
(awful) 1 2 3 4 5 (excellent)

Clicking on a number is something very easy, so the click ratio would be much higher than if you ask for a comment or rating. And once they took the time to click on the link they think the job is already done, but when they arrive to the website it will have to fill in a comment. If they already reach this point is most likely they will finish, as the next step is very short.

So, what im asking for feature request?

  1. Form field selectable via URL
  2. Slideshow module for SELECTED comments and ratings (only choose the ones you like the most)
  3. Ability to add stars to the option buttons

Thanks for considering my suggestion :)
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