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Did you know that when I inspect elements in your templates that there are times that the CSS settings are configured 3,4, 5 times, and crazy number of times like what you see in these examples! That's 5 times that visitors to sites using your template have to download the exact same CSS code! Not to mention if I have any CSS override code...

It is crazy the number of times that some CSS controls are set, and it really seams to me to be bad management of Data, not only storage on the server, but bandwidth used by the server and the visitors.

I've uploaded 2 examples from the Agency templates, but I promise you I could probably work weeks documenting all the duplication of CSS that is getting downloaded when using JSN Templates and even JSN Extensions. CSS was supposed to simplify the amount of data being downloaded but instead I see the opposite... This is a problem I have seen/noticed with JSN all the way back when I first purchased the JSN Epic template, I'm not sure if I have ever posted here about it before, but the problem over the years seems to have gotten worse instead of better.
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