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Dear all,

We are happy to announce that the "JoomlaShine Users Community" has been created. This is a special Facebook group where all of you can join and post discussions, experiences, issues, suggestions and anything else about all the JoomlaShine products.

The benefits of this group include the followings:

  • Faster interactions: You can always discuss with not only JoomlaShine team but also other users: Our idea is to build a new support channel but a community of users, where anyone can discuss and share their ideas.

  • More flexibility: Posts are not merely related to the products that you have PRO versions. As long as they are not spammy posts, all the posts and comments associated with any of our products are welcome.

  • Developers-backed: Our developers are constantly keeping an eye on the group, meaning that you may get some direct responses from our developer team for your urgent and critical issues.

  • Showcase opportunities: This users community will be a great chance to showcase your Joomla projects. We will consider adding your projects to our official showcase on also.

Currently, all the posts are set to be seen only by those who have joined the group. We strongly recommend you to join this group, add posts to share your ideas there.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to your participation.

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