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JSN Support Team, please pin this post and do not close this thread at any time during the final 12 months that these forums are available.
This post/thread is where I will be sharing/tracking other Joomla Template/Extension providers that have a PageBuilder and especially those that are willing to provide the JoomlaShine community a discount if we choose to switch to them.
I do not know how long these discounts will last, so please update this thread if you find one has been discontinued.

  1. YooTheme:
  2. Holy Crap!!! YooTheme just emailed me again to let me know that they have increased their offer from 3 months to 12 months! So when you buy your first year with them you will get 1 full additional year from them! Thats amazing! Thank you YooTheme!
    YooTheme doesn't have coupons; however, they have offered 12 additional months free on their annual plans which equates to a BOGO. All you need to do to receive the 12 additional months free is send an email to with a copy of your JoomlaShine invoice.

    They were also kind enough to share the following details and links:
    1. YooTheme Pro is fully Joomla 4 compatible.
    2. They were recently interviewed in the Joomla community magazine about YooTheme Pro:
    3. If you need any other information about YOOtheme Pro, you can check out their blog for the latest news If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask them.
    4. How to install YooTheme Pro:
    5. Here is a list of all the documentation videos:

  3. ThemExpert: This first discount came to us from ThemExpert
  4. ThemExpert is offering a great discount at up to 80% off. To get the discount they will require a proof of purchase for JSN products.
    I have submitted to find out more details on the offer to JSN customers but have not received any response yet so I don't have any answers beyond the information I have displayed here.
    Important Note: While their Quix page builder is supposed to be releasing an update shortly (version 4.0.5) that will provide support for Joomla 4 it has not been released at this time.

  5. TemplateToaster: creates a desktop application to design websites similar to JSN PageBuilder in "concept" however just at a first glance (I've not tested yet) appears to be way more than JSN PageBuilder. Not only do you design the pages of your site, but you are creating a Template for Joomla. (An advantage here is that you can actually create and sell templates with this tool, and it is not limited to just Joomla.)

  6. $149 (Regular Price)
    $99 (Current Public Discount Price)
    $69 (Discount only for JSN Customers)

  7. JoomlArt
  8. JoomlArt is offering 30% OFF their annual plans for JoomlaShine customers.
    To get the offer, simply send an email to with an invoice from Joomlashine or talk to them on their live chat.

  9. JoomlaCK
  10. JoomlaCK has stepped up and agreed to offer a 30% discount to JoomlaShine customers as well. To take advantage of this great offer please contact them by using their contact form ( and ask them for a coupon and give them a link to see the invoice details. (I imagine you could upload a copy/screenshot to one of your invoices to Google Drive and provide a share link from there to them.)

  11. Balbooa
  12. Balbooa was excited to offer a 30% off coupon code valid for all Balbooa extensions and bundles!
    Coupon Code: JSN

  13. More to come (I hope)
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