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  4. Closing? Seriously? I have only just purchased a template
I have literally only just purchased a template a few days ago and just started working on my site. Where does this leave me? I was hoping to be with Joomlashine for a long time, evolving to a Joomla 4 site.
What is the point me continue the development with your template (which i love by the way) if it is no longer going to be supported after 12 months. It would be a waste of my time investing in this.
Can I please be refunded so I can purchase a template from elsewhere? You would have known about this decision the other day when I made my purchase and I even asked about updating to Joomla 4. You should have told me what was about to happen.
I hope people are not losing their jobs and it is just a case of pivoting to something else.
I do hope you will refund me as this is not fair.
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