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This one is worth recommending. JSN ImageShow is a killer extension. It works flawlessly. It’s easy to setup and very customizable. I worked my way through most of the other Auto-Image-Rotators in the Joomla! extension library. There was always some issue to overcome, some setup difficulty or a bug. Finally, when JSN ImageShow installed cleanly, setup quickly and worked without a hitch I was able to stop looking.

The JoomlaShine developers have a great site and are supper helpful. They have an active forum and respond quickly to posts.

Thanks, JoomlaShine Guys. You Rock!.

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I was looking for a way to create simple, yet visually appealing slide shows with MINIMAL effort. I don't have time to mess around with complicated Flash gallery creation tools! I'm a pro photographer who would rather spend time behind the camera than designing custom slide shows for every event I cover. I can already see how JSN ImageShow will revolutionize my workflow, allowing me to publish my images in a secure fashion in SECONDS.

The PRO version is worth every penny. Save yourself the headaches and try JSN ImageShow before any other gallery module!

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I looked around at flash image rotators for Joomla! 1.5 and finally purchased JSN Image Rotator Pro after seeing it clearly had the features I wanted – and more. However, what has really blown me away about JoomlaShine is the incredible technical support I received when the extension was bizarrely not working on one of my new installs. They persevered and found what the problem was in my server side set-up and showed me something that will avoid future problems with other sites down the road.

Thanks JoomlaShine!