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What is the difference between Free and Pro editions of JSN Templates?


Have you ever wonder what makes the difference when you upgrade your JSN Templates subscription from Free to Pro? If you have experienced both of them and you find nothing is changed between the two versions, you should read this article to understand how is the templates worth your expenditure. Or maybe you find some advantages of Pro subscription, let’s make sure that nothing is missed.

As you know about JSN Templates which are empowered by Sun Framework, all functionality of JoomlaShine templates would be defined by the main core. Therefore, the most significant difference is presented in template style editing panel. The panel show Sun Framework interface, which allows you to edit menu, modules, and components on page layout. Go to Extensions on back-end menu, select “Template Styles” in “Templates” option to go to style editing panel.  

If you are using a Free JSN template, on the menu bar of Sun Framework, you will see three tabs, Styles, Mega Menu, and Extras, have “Pro” icon. That means you should upgrade to Pro subscription to use these tabs. Users of Free versions are still able to access to these features, but they cannot save their changes. So basically if you use Free JSN Templates, you cannot edit CSS for content layout, configure mega menu and use further functions in the Extras menu.     

In addition, Sun Framework Options are also disabled in Content Articles and Menu Items. In Content Articles, Sun Framework gives users options to choose Content Type. There are six supported content types namely Standard, Audio, Gallery, Link, Quote, and Video, they are only available for Pro subscriptions and by default content type is always standard with free templates.

The same with Menu Items, users of free versions cannot optimize the items because all options for No-follow links, Link icon, Link Description and Page Subheading are disabled.

As you can see on the comparison, Free JSN Templates are definitely able to provide all functions for Joomla! websites. However, the Pro versions would be the better choices for advanced Joomla! users with demands for customization. On the other hand, one more reason for users at any levels to engage with Pro subscriptions is the professional support, which is better than support for Free subscriptions. They also have more chance to take advantages of JoomlaShine promotions and collaborating activities.      

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New Updates:

On January 29, 2018, JoomlaShine released Sun Framework version 2.1.0. The new Sun Framework brings more differences between Free and PRO template editions, which are:

- Responsive option now is available only for PRO editions

- Free subscritpion users cannot add more template elements

- JoomlaShine branding messages cannot be removed from Free templates

To know more detail about Sun Framework version 2.1.0, click here.


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