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Upcoming JSN Ultranet - unique template for internal community websites


At the end of November 2017, JoomlaShine will release JSN Ultranet, a brand new Joomla! template for companies or organizations who need internal websites for in-house operations and activities. The template is the first product of JoomlaShine which is designed especially for intranet website, it’s built with flexible and clean design, special styles for extensions that support socialization and communication.

About direction for design, JSN Ultranet has a clean and clear concept. Typography of the template supports high-density text volume with high contrast in color. Content elements are coherent in both text and visual and the distances between components are optimized. Light theme is used to support various types of content.

Flexibility is another remarkable aspect of JSN Ultranet layout design. The template works perfectly with multiple layout types, allows global access to all important parts of content. In addition, content blocks are designed independently, that means page layouts can be presented with different groups of content but the main concept still stays the same.

JSN Ultranet supports features for many powerful blogs and social extensions from Stackideas, a very popular Joomla! Extensions provider. News and events highlights and notification from EasySocial, articles from EasyBlog, forums from EasyDiscuss and commenting from Komento, all of them have unique front-end designs which are styled especially for JSN Ultranet. The style of function of downloading and uploading documents from Docman extension is also optimized because it is significant for an intranet website.     

 Forums by EasyDiscuss

All features which are mentioned above are supported by JSN Ultranet by optimized front-end design. The template does not contain these features, therefore, in order to build an intranet website with full functionality by JSN Ultranet, Joomla! users also need to install all listed extensions above from Stackideas to utilize entirely the template. Stackideas is well-known as a very famous Joomla! Extensions developer who provides extensions for many Joomla! blog and social websites. Their products are qualified and they have plenty of positive feedback from communities on directories for Joomla! Extensions.  

Events calendar by EasySocial

As the same with many other JSN Templates, JSN Ultranet has both Free and Pro subscriptions with professional support and documentation. For Joomla! users who need to discover the difference between Free and Pro versions of JSN Templates, please click here to see the article about this information.

The brand new JSN Ultranet will be shown at JoomlaShine templates showcase at the end of November, 2017. Click here to visit the templates showcase.  

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