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Top Joomla templates and extensions for a killer real estate website

Top Joomla templates and extensions for a killer real estate website

If you’re searching for the best gears to build your Joomla real estate website, you might be sailing back and forth in a sea of choices. Let me help you with choosing the best Joomla real estate template as well as Joomla real estate extension with a look at the pros and cons of the top finalists below.

Top Joomla real estate extensions

OS Property, FW Real Estate and IProperty Real Estate are all very popular Joomla real estate components. These 3 badass extensions have been receiving perfect reviews from its users. Especially OS Property and FW Real Estate – these two have its own history on JED since they have been around for a very long time.






OS Property

Ossolution Team


- 5-star rate & 100% user satisfaction on JED (based on 203 reviews)
- Reasonable lower price for a powerful Joomla real estate extension
- Super fast and helpful support (forum + ticket support)
- Easy customization
- Comprehensive & easy to understand documentation

- No complementary add-ons provided

FW Real Estate


From $8.25/month

- 5-star rate & 100% user satisfaction on JED (based on 92 reviews)
- Good ticket support from developers
- Feature rich component

- Pricey
- No forum support

IProperty Real Estate

The Thinkery

From $125/3 months

- 5-star rate & 100% user satisfaction on JED  (based on 134 reviews)
- Highly customizable
- Responsive and helpful forum support
- Feature rich component

- Pricey (extra pay for add-ons)
- No ticket support

Top Joomla real estate templates

Okay so have you done with choosing a real estate extension? Now let’s dress up your website with a beautiful Joomla real estate template! Below are the ready-picked templates for you, with some helpful insights, too.






JSN Reta


From $49
(subscription plans)

- Clean and polished inner pages: property detail, agent detail, about us, contact us, blog, FAQ…
- 3 readymade real-estate-focused homepages
- Extended style for the powerful OS Property
- Cookie law and different menu displays on mobile
- Easy and flexible template customization options

- Not including OS Property extension (this extension is available in bundle edition only)

IT Property


From $40
(subscription plans)

- Extra pages: Offline page, error page, about us, contact us
- Portfolio and image showcase
- Extended style for IProperty Real Estate

- Single homepage style
- Not including IProperty Real Estate extension when buying IT Property



From $50
(product package)

- Mega menu built in
- Over 50 module positions
- Preinstalled extensions: live search, multimedia box, slider, calculator…

- Single homepage style
- Not including any property component

The BEST Joomla real estate DUO ever

Above are the top 3 finalists of Joomla real estate templates and extensions. In case you still don’t know which template and which extension to use for your Joomla real estate website, here’s the best and only duo you can ever have:

JSN Reta + OS Property

Only $82,99 ($88.99)

Why this is the best deal for you?

  • Money-saving: only $82,99 instead of $88.99 and unchanged product quality. You will save 15% of OS Property when purchasing any premium JSN template
  • Effort-saving configuration: both JSN Reta and OS Property are made very friendly to use with an intuitive admin interface, drag-and-drop, a few clicks... – no advanced knowledge required.
  • Guaranteed compatibility: JSN Reta and OS Property are tested to provide a stable and seamless operation when running these two together.
  • Extended style for OS Property: JSN Reta and OS Property not only work great together but also look good together with a nice extended style design.
  • Maximum access to premium features: you can enjoy full features of JSN Reta and OS Property as well as fabulous 12-month support from both JSN and OS team.

Now, stop searching and start building your Joomla real estate website with JSN Reta and OS Property!

Besides JSN Reta, we also have other templates that styled and work perfectly with OS Property. Let's check it out. 

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