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Top Joomla help desk extensions for Joomla 3.x worth giving a try

Top Joomla help desk extensions for Joomla 3.x worth giving a try

In a highly competitive market, in order to increase the conversion rate or attract new customers, one of the top priorities of any business is to improve its customer services.

And obviously, one of the foundations of customer service is building a strong customer relationship through the ability to support the customers anytime, and anywhere, they need.

For a long period, this has been the main disadvantage of e-business, when it lacked peer conversations, answers for frequently asked questions, or the feedback system. Luckily, the recent development of content management systems (CMS) and their extensions have nearly solved this problem completely!

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the top help desk extensions for Joomla 3.x – one of the most popular CMSes at the moment.

Of course, there are lots of Joomla help desk extensions for you to choose from, but the ones in this in-depth article are selected based on their ease to use, rich features, and documentation. Also, all of them can be downloaded from the Joomla Extension Directory (JED). Now let’s find out what these Joomla help desk extensions are:


Help desk Extension


Target user








  • Simple setup
  • Great options for customization
  • Great support
  • Professional UX and UI
  • Lack of the ability for the manager to "listen-in" and monitor tickets that have been assigned
  • Only deletes emails after the cron picks them up (instead of just reading them)

Helpdesk Pro



  • Feature-rich support ticket system
  • Ability to manage tickets from both backend and frontend
  • Lack of documentation especially for beginners

JV HelpDesk Pro



  • Simple user interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Directly support from the developers
  • Lack of documentation

 JS Support Ticket Pro





  • Friendly UX and UI
  • Great direct support from the developers
  • Great options for customization
  • Unique features
  • Lack of Language support
  • Insufficient documentation

UV Desk



  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Responsive layout
  • Instant response notification
  • Lack of many advantage functions for the administrator to control ticket processing
  • Can't manage from frontend


1. RSTicket! Pro

Joomla help desk extensions - RS Tickets! PRO frontend UI

Joomla help desk extensions - RS Tickets! PRO frontend UI

RSTicket! Pro is a great solution for your help desk ticketing system. It allows you to provide prompt and efficient support to your customers. The development team has long experience with offering a support service. Combining this experience along with Joomla! knowledge, they offer a complete help desk ticketing solution.

The main features of this powerful Joomla 3.x extension include:

  • Spam protection

The developers of RSTicket! Pro has equipped this extension with the ability to protect the submission form with either the built-in CAPTCHA or ReCAPTCHA.

  • Reports

The Reports feature allows you to get a statistical overview of your tickets.

  • Custom department fields

Have ability to control and customize your tickets. You can easily add custom fields for each of your department separately.

  • Custom ticket priorities and statuses

You can easily create any number of custom statuses on top of the built-in ones (open, on-hold, closed) to fully meet your needs and purposes.

  • Ability to create staff groups and allow multiple permissions related to ticket activity

Assign staff members to multiple departments and create groups that your staff members belong to.

  • Wide range of email types that can be sent

The email types that can be sent include new ticket and new reply submission notifications, when a user is created, etc.

Demo Download

2. Helpdesk Pro

Frontend Helpdesk Pro

Submitted ticketHelpdesk Pro is fully customizable, offering comprehensive components to manage your website. With its feature-rich support system, it can be adapted easily to fit your website and your business to offer your customers an excellent service they have never experienced before!

The main features of this great help desk extension include:

  • Nested categories

Helpdesk Pro allows tickets to multi categories with unlimited depth level. With each category, the webmaster can assign staffs and when customers submit tickets to that category, staffs will receive notification about the ticket. After that, your co-workers can then access and reply to the ticket(both from front-end and back-end).

As mentioned above, the initial support request from a user can be submitted via email and will generate a ticket to ensure your customer can track the progress and reply to.

  • Multilingual support

You can translate Ticket Categories, Ticket Statuses, Ticket Priorities, Email messages, language items... to all the languages you are using on your website.

  • Ticket history

This feature allows logged in users to see all tickets which he submitted, view/reply/change status/rating for a support ticket.

  • Multiple ticket statuses & ticket priorities

The system comes with some default ticket status and priorities. You can define new ticket status/priority if you want to meet your need

Demo Download

3. JV HelpDesk Pro

JV HelpDesk homeJV HelpDesk tickets

JV-HelpDesk is powerful and easy to use a ticket-based support system for Joomla! websites. This extension allows you to setup a support system for your business and users can submit their questions, report bugs etc.. by creating tickets in site front-end.

It is also easy for staff members to respond to the tickets from Joomla! front-end and back-end.

JV-HelpDesk is good to help desk solution for Joomla to serve your customers. They provide both Free and Pro editions but if you like to have better control with more advanced and more powerful features, then you can buy Pro version.

The main features of this user-friendly Joomla 3.x extension include:

  • Unlimited Categories

No limit to the number of categories that can be created. Create as many levels of nesting for categories as you need!

  • Ticket Priorities

Allow creating new priorities in back-end! Let your customers indicate the urgency with priority to tickets.

  • Frontend customer dashboard

Dashboard screen for a logged-in user where they can see links to open ticket, view tickets, search tickets etc...


4. JS Support Ticket Pro

Dashboard JS Ticket


Create ticket JS Ticket

JS Support Ticket Pro is a Joomla deeply integrated extension which provides more efficient and professional 1-on-1 dedicated ticket support system to its customers. JS Support Ticket designed beautifully and crafted with easy to use and eye-catching layouts, rich features associated with helpdesk and modern design.

The main features of this powerful Joomla 3.x extension include:

  • Unlimited tickets

There is no limit applies to create tickets from both side front-end and admin. But Admin can apply a limit on creating a ticket for the user by his email.

  • Strengths & flexibilities

JS Support Ticket implemented by using Joomla best practices both on the front and the back end. In the results is a more efficient, robust and intuitive plugin.

  • Notification auto-response

Autoresponse is the term used for acknowledgement email dispatched when a new ticket is created in helpdesk. With this extension, you can configure it, and also modify the content as well as layout. An email notification will be sent to admin and user on certain action i.e reply ticket, close ticket etc.

  • Email templates

Customization the predefined email templates that can be sent to users when alerts are set. No need to create a new message every time, just create once and send anytime.

  • Attachments

Js Support Ticket allows customers to attach files single or multiple files and attachments with their messages. 

Demo Download

5. UV Desk

Create ticket UV DeskUV Desk ticket list

UVdesk - Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System. UVdesk used the add-on Merchant which allows customers to visit the store and create a ticket for any inquiry to get the responses from wed administrators

Exclusive features of this Joomla help desk extension include:

  • Complete Customer Support Ticket System

The Extension Merchant allows customers to create a ticket for any query or inquiry and get the instant response from the support team. Staffs in the team can manage all Customer Service Tickets from Joomla Back-end.

This extension has a complete ticket system from where customer follows up and support ticket management can be done in the right way. Customers will be having their dedicated ticket panel from where they can manage and view all their inquiries.

  • Manage Ticket  from Joomla Back-end or UVdesk

Merchants can manage all the service tickets either from Joomla back-end or from UVdesk.

  • Attach Documents and Files with Ticket

Customer and Merchants can add attachments along with the Ticket for better understanding and communication.

  • Allow your Visitors or Buyers to Create Ticket

This Helpdesk Module allows your buyers to Create Ticket for any inquiry after the login/ registration with your Joomla Store.

  • Multilingual Support

UVdesk helpdesk provides multilingual support as of now, it is available in English, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Turkish, and Danish.

Demo Download

And now is your turn. Did you use any of the above Joomla help desk extensions? Does it help you to build a strong customer relationship? We will appreciate it much if you tell us your experience in the comment box.

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