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The 8 best extensions for Joomla blog website


If you are planning to build a Joomla blog, you’re probably looking for the best Joomla blog extension, which helps you to publish and manage website content easily with some additional functions such as listing, author blogs, comments, etc. 

This article would highlight 8 of the best Joomla blog extensions, from our perspective, to save your time on research. Most of them are very popular and recently have some new updated features, let’s take a look.

Firstly, you might need to know how to create an article for your Joomla site

K2 - The best free Joomla blog extension

With 3.5 million downloads, K2 is the most popular extension in this list and it’s totally free. However, the extension can provide a lot of powerful features, and not only save your money, but K2 also save your efforts with ease of use without any technical skills. K2’s functions that should be mentioned are frontend submission with access controls, articles listing via tags, categories and author, rich content forms for items, powerful content modules, drag-and-drop media manager and more…

The extension also allows user to create unlimited templates and assign to categories. Moreover, K2 provides extended user profiles, user groups, blogs and there are a lot of Joomla templates and plugins which have a compatible design for this extension to improve frontend display and itself functionality.      

With these above significant features, K2 has integrated into the majority of Joomlashine templates which provides users with the full function: JSN Attorney, JSN Marriage, JSN KidZone, JSN CarDealer...


WordPress for Joomla - The perfect match

WordPress is well known as an optimal blog content management system for beginners or bloggers, who don’t have a high level of technical skills because it’s easy to use and core features of this CMS are built to support blogs websites. Therefore, if you need to use Joomla, the CMS that is engineered to extremely manage powerful extensions, to build a professional blog website with a similar configuration of WordPress, WordPress for Joomla extension is your perfect choice. The amazing combination would help you to have it all, functionalities from the Joomla admin panel and ease-of-use from Wordpress.  

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EasyBlog - The best authoring tool from Stackideas

As you can see that the latest version of Joomla CMS has significant improvement in core features for blog websites. However, EasyBlog from Stackideas is still a must-have extension for bloggers with the full set of features for blogging. They are content builder, auto-posting, media management, social media integrations, team blogging and much more... 

The extension also provides various beautiful layouts, which could be more impressive when combined with a lively Joomla photo gallery. PDF documents and Facebook posts can be embedded on blog articles, this function allows you to create diverse content with high engagement.  

Similar to K2, Easy Blog is favorite extensions that were used to support JoomlaShine templates. It is a great extension to connect people, share their information and create content. Here are some JSN templates using Easy Blog: JSN Hub, JSN Vintage, JSN Educo...

CjBlog - Free Social blogging component


Another useful Joomla blogging extension but free to use. CjBlog is not just a blogging extension but a complete social blogging platform. Not an all-around extension like EasyBlog but the badge system is given by CjBlog is quite unique and easy to use. Focus on the loyalty system and social sharing. This extension doe what the tin says

Summary features of CjBlog:

  • No redundancy uses Joomla Articles
  • Community blogging
  • Articles rating & sharing
  • Built-in user profiles & avatar
  • Built-in points & badges systems
  • Mobile ready

JoomBlog - Easy to set up & use blog component


JoomBlog is a paid extension that is good for any type of blog, from a creative blog, corporate to news blog. And it even better when you can have multiple blogs on one site without limitation. Support with commenting and social sharing, JoomBlog easily becomes a complete package for your blogging system.

Blog Factory - Ultimate Blogging Solution

As the advertising, Blog Factory is packed with features. From basic blogging component to social bookmarking and comment system. At the first look, it could be rivalry with EasyBlog, however as experiencing on the demo, it far from reaching its level of the component. However, still, a good blogging extension to choose from. 

ZOO - A flexible and powerful content application builder

ZOO helps Joomla bloggers to have a quick and easy start with customized content types which are structured and look good. The extension is suitable for creative blogs like portfolio, catalogue or movie reviewer. In addition, ZOO panel is very easy to use, it contains tabs for Item Manager, App Instances and Navigation, the content table is also friendly and organized. Some other remarkable features are custom types, template manager, comment and tag system, frontend submission, frontend editing and more.  

Komento - Elegant and organized comments

If you want to focus on engagement and fully optimize your post reactions, Komento is the best solutions by providing an outstanding comment system. Moreover, comments management will become much easier by the help of some functions such as access control, category-specific comments, migration tools… BBCode, emotions and attachments can be included in comments and schema tags in HTML markup help your comments can be recognized by search engines. Last but not least, real-time notification and spam detection always put all comments under your control.

Although Kemento is not popular as EasyBlog or K2, it is still a favourite extension for Joomla users thank to its highlight benefits. Kemento comes with JSN Ultranet template providing flexible and clean design and fully-featured extension, which will satisfy any user's requirements.


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