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Release: TasteTea - A Fresh Joomla Template For Single-Product Sites


E-Commerce world has never been ‘a piece of cake’, especially when you have to build up single product websites. During supporting our customers, we understand that there is an increasing creation of product line sites, and more and more users are searching for a quick, simple but well-focused template design.

On JoomlaShine, we have already offered various Joomla templates for single-product websites, but we still want to find more solutions for any simplicity lovers… And one of those ideas has finally released on our site: JSN TasteTea template.

Let’s say Hello to TasteTea

homepage of single product website

JSN TasteTea is our latest Joomla template dedicated to any product line eCommerce owners. Just looking at the first sight, you will definitely feel relaxed with its main color preset: green and become interested in its fresh design and simple layout.

The template does not integrate a lot of strange and difficult extensions and plugins but our JSN PageBuilder 3, ImageShowUniform and a famous shopping cart Joomla extension: J2Store. It is truly convenient if you have used any our template before; but even if you have not, you still get our quick supports to understand how to modify our JSN TaseTea.

joomla article display on homepage

Overview of JSN TasteTean template for single-product websites

  • High compatible with Joomla 3.8+
  • Integrated with a Joomla page builder extension: JSN PageBuilder 3
  • Elegant and well-concentrated product showcase page
  • Easily-controlled data of products, orders, and customers
  • Full-width slideshow to introduce your business
  • Flexible menu variations: Horizontal, Vertical and Tree Menus
  • 6 pre-designed pages and 6 pre-picked color presets for many business niches.
  • Support blog page with logical grid view
  • Short and simple content blocks with impressive call-to-action buttons.
  • 2 exclusive sample data of two beautiful demo sites: TasteTea and CoffeeShop

jsn tastetea demo sites

JSN TasteTea prebuilt pages

Clean Design for the Product Page

With the help of the J2Store extension, JSN TasteTea template allows you to showcase all your products clearly and beautifully. We have prepared a list of 3 columns of items on this page, but you can increase or decrease this number so as to display your online store well. More importantly, your customers can easily select desired products with filters of name, prices, and categories.

Joomla product page

Easy Drag-and-drop Layout Builder

When it comes to the template layout, you might consider whether any advanced technical knowledge is required in order to build a simple but beautiful single-product Joomla website. Don’t worry! You will start loving building website layout without having to handle a single line of code because TasteTea lets users simply drag, drop and move any elements inside one layout.

The drag-and-drop function seems to be not new, but unlike a boring fixed layout of many other Joomla templates, TasteTea lets you unleash your creative ideas to add any positions or items to your site’s layout. Things go simpler than ever.

Have you looked at CoffeeShop?

You may wonder that TasteTea and CoffeeShop look much alike, then what is the interesting point between them? Well! If you review all pages of CoffeeShop, you will realize that the site looks like a real website selling coffee products, and it is even simpler than TasteTea. The sample data of CoffeeShop is lighter and fewer content pages than that of TasteTea, so it is very convenient for any users who just want to do simple things like editing content and changing images.

jsn tastetea

coffeeshop template

If you want to develop a single-product website with an ideal Joomla template, JSN TasteTea must be a good choice that will attract your customers and help you sell items at ease. Why don’t you give it a try now?

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