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Release: JSN PowerAdmin 2 For More Effective Joomla! Users


Have you found easier ways to manage Joomla back-end? Are you longing for a new update of any JSN extensions?

Well, we are so glad to amaze you with a new superior generation of our administrator extension for Joomla - JSN PowerAdmin 2.

As you know JSN PowerAdmin is one of our most popular extensions to manage Joomla administration area without fuss. Save More Time, Bring More Convenience! - That is what our Joomla admin extension is aiming at.

JSN PowerAdmin 2 is the next generation of JSN PowerAdmin. In this latest release, we have made new features and improvements which are really worth your time to give it a try. Let’s come with me to discover it.

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General key features

  • Boost up your performance by using React JS technology.
  • Enable you to manage modules and positions directly with the live mode.
  • Support a lot of 3rd-party Joomla extensions in the future.
  • Ability to reset a site to its default state.
  • Improvement of UX design will boost your productivity.
  • Based on Bootstrap 4 as a preparation for Joomla 4.
  • … and more…

What are the big changes?

Innovative User Interface

The very first impressive thing of JSN PowerAdmin 2 is its modern, clear and effective user interface.

The admin bar is created to be bigger and clearer than in Joomla! default backend so that the users find it easy to navigate the items. New icons for Site Preview, Manager, History, etc. are also added on the right side of the bar, which is very convenient when you only need to click and click.

Not just that! JSN PowerAdmin 2 has one hidden side menu on the left side and you can show it out by clicking the arrow. We did it because we believe that the hidden menu saves much space for your screen and improve your concentration when working on the Site Manager page.

Reset option

There might be some cases when a Joomla website encounters fatal problems or severe errors at its core. You realize that it’s not simple to fix bugs and the site cannot return to the normal state. Then, the good option which saves time is to use a completely new Joomla website.

Instead of deleting the installation files and re-installing Joomla!, which surely takes times and causes troubles, you now can choose another easier option: the Reset option. Luckily, JSN PowerAdmin 2 will help you.

At first, please go to the Site Manager page -> open the side menu (on the left side), then choose the Site Reset option.

Please remember this feature will delete all of your site’s data. Be careful!

You should make a backup of the website in case you want to take some data back.

The Live Mode

How do you feel if you have a broad view of all modules and positions of a Joomla site, and more importantly, you can edit them straight away without taking time to search in a full list of modules?

Sound great, isn’t it? With JSN PowerAdmin 2, managing your site becomes simpler than ever with the Live mode. As its name stated, you are able to view and edit all the modules and components of your site in the back-end.

Smart Search

Compared to the Joomla! default administration area, it must be hard for you to do some searching because there is no searching tool.

However, you definitely find things more quickly with our innovative Joomla admin tool - JSN PowerAdmin 2.

In case you wish to narrow down the searching area, please go to the Side Menu -> select Site Search -> select the searching area and type a keyword, then hit the search icon. You will receive the result in a quick glance.

And more… more new things of JSN PowerAdmin 2 is waiting for you to explore.

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