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Monthly Update: Templates and Extension Updated on September 2019


After a long time of research about customer’s requirement, we realised the marriage season is coming, everyone needs a site to display their wedding services. So this month, we have released JSN Marriage - Joomla Wedding Photography Template. With a fashionable design and responsive layout, you can save more time to launch a new remarkable wedding studio site.

Besides, we have received a lot of feedback from the user for the update products. For this reason, we have updated another 2 Joomla templates and an extension.

  • Extension: JSN Template Framework - Framework for JSN Template GEN 1.
  • Template: JSN Voyage - Tourism & Hotel Booking Joomla Template.
  • Template: JSN Tendo - Artistic and Elegant Joomla Portfolio Template.

JSN Template Framework - version 3.2.7

With this Joomla Template Framework, you can easily use JoomlaShine templates from GEN 1 without update any Template GEN 2.

  • Fix bugs and improvement.

JSN Voyage - version 1.0.1

JSN Voyage homepage

JSN Voyage is known as an attractive Joomla tourism and hotel template with fascinating design, clear layout and modern style. This template has a great way to catch the visitor’s eye right from the first time.


  • Fix bug sticky menu.


  • Remove font import in CSS file.


JSN Tendo 2 - version 2.1.1

JSN Tendo 2 homepage

JSN Tendo 2 is an artistic and gorgeous Joomla photography template with powerful built-in features to create an awesome photo gallery website. Tendo 2 comes with a vast array of excellent customizations, giving you more control on the look and feel without having to dig into the theme editor.


  • Fix bug article image does not float
  • Fix bug style form Joomla Privacy on Joomla 3.9
  • JSN Uniform icon calendar does not show
  • Add “private” class when page has a special style


  • Update feature support custom coming soon


As usual, here’s the monthly overview, JoomlaShine always want to improve our products, we really appreciate any feedback about JoomlaShine extension and templates. Therefore, please contact us via live chat or forum if you have any problems

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