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Migrating to JSN Templates Gen. 2

Migrating to JSN Templates Gen. 2

As you may know, we have recently released Sun Framework, a brand new template framework with great flexibility and power, and an excellent Joomla template named JSN Shine. Additionally, we have also introduced the 2nd generation versions of several ‘best-selling’ JSN templates, namely JSN Epic, JSN Metro, JSN Solid and JSN Megazine. There have been questions about the differences between these two generations as well as our policies for existing 1st gen. templates, which are created with the old template framework. This short article aims at further clarifying the most important points concerning these two template generations.

Reasons for 2nd gen. templates

Despite all the recent flashy trends in web design industry, our classic templates, says JSN Epic, retain their favored status and have always received positive feedbacks from most users.

The 2nd gen. templates will keep the stable and clean design of the 1st gen. versions, while being equipped with powerful features of the Sun Framework. Specifically, they will have:

  • A Dynamic drag-and-drop Layout Builder
  • A Great Style Customizer with limitless styling options & instant preview
  • A versatile Mega Menu Builder
  • An extensive list of advanced features that you can hardly find in other Joomla template frameworks. More details about Sun Framework can be seen here.

So what will happen to the 1st gen. templates?

Regarding technical maintenance and support, there won't be any significant change.

JSN team has always been devoted to the best customer services, and thus will not drop support for lifetime subscribers of the 1st gen. templates. That is to say, we are committed to providing bugfixes to make sure that websites using our 1st gen. templates are clean and stable.

However, if you are a new customer, you won’t be able to buy 1st gen. templates once their 2nd gen. versions are out.

We will provide only bugfixes for all 1st gen. templates. As for 2nd gen. templates, both active bugfixes and features updates will be provided.

Upgrade path to 2nd gen. templates

Unfortunately, there has not yet a direct path for upgrading templates from 1st gen. to 2nd gen., i.e. you cannot upgrade from JSN Epic 1 to JSN Epic 2 by using any migration tool. These two template generations are running on different frameworks, so direct migration will not be possible for the moment. However, we will consider to have this feature in the near future.

What’s important is that the 2nd gen. templates are quite easy to install and customize. When developing Sun Framework, we always keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to create a user-friendly but powerful tool so that developers of all skill levels can utilize it for their projects. Therefore, mannual upgrading 1st gen. to 2nd gen. templates won’t be something too complicated and time-consuming for you, especially when our developers cum supporters are always there to help.

Migration tips

Users of 1st gen. templates can keep the existing framework & template, while installing the 2nd gen. one in the same website. This will make the process of migration more simple and faster

Status and progress

Each month, around two templates will be converted to generation 2 versions. Some designs will stay the same, but some will be further refined to create better user experience and performance.

 As mentioned at the beginning of this article, to date, the following templates have been converted to generation 2 in November 2016:

The detailed roadmap for 2nd gen. templates will be announced on our forum at the beginning of January 2017.

Request for template conversion?

If you have any special request for template conversion, please let us know. Ideas and comments can be submitted to our support forum 

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