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JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Improvements and new features


October is another busy month, however, we released a car service and auto repair Joomla template - JSN Mechanic. Besides, we are excited to share a few updates, especially new version of JSN Sun Framework.

JSN Sun Framework - version 2.2.21

Implement “Display in Layouts” parameter for Section and Row

In this new version of JSN Sun Framework, we’ve added “Display in Layouts" parameter for Section and Row.

In each section or row you choose, uncheck checkbox at each item of “Display in Layouts", this section or row will be a blur.

To avoid confusion with the hidden feature, we have added eye-icon when this Section or Row is hidden.

Implement the new pathway for layout element

In JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21, it will never be easier to distinguish each pathway. With the new pathway you can control each layout element quickly and conveniently (Highlight box when hovering sub item).JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - List inline pathway container

Add background colour configuration for sticky menu

You can customize the background for the sticky menu now.JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Customize background for the sticky menu

Improve loading Custom CSS File

In this new version, with just a few basic steps, you can easily add custom CSS files to your site by typing the file path. For example, custom/custom.css (The file must have existed) Not only that, you can quickly edit your Custom CSS file quickly via the edit icon on the right.JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Improve loading Custom CSS File

Add an option to change off-canvas Icon

JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Change off-canvas iconYou can freely choose a different icon for your off-canvas to create accents on the site.

Add option to change Menu icon on mobile

JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Menu icon on mobileYou can also choose different icons and colour for hamburger mobile menu icon, depending on the purpose to impress customers when coming to your site via mobile.

Update microdata for Joomla Article

We have added “publisher”, “author” and “image” string in current microdata library to further support SEO for Joomla Article.

In-app live chat support is now available

JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Live chatTo improve customer experience, we have added live chat on our app. Now, you can reach us immediately within our working hours.

Besides, you can turn on or turn off Livechat in your site.Turn on/off Livechat

Make tooltip hoverable and easier to understand

With JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21, we've updated all tooltip so you can easily understand and use each parameter correctly.

Moreover, the tooltips are now hoverable. You can click the link to the tutorial content inside some of the tooltips for better understanding.JSN Sun Framework v2.2.21 - Make tooltip hoverable

Besides, we have new updates for other extensions and templates.

JSN Template Framework - version 3.2.8

With this Joomla Template Framework, you can easily use JoomlaShine templates from GEN 1 without update any Template GEN 2.

  • Fix bugs and improvement.

JSN Mall - version 1.0.1

JSN MallJSN Mall is a modern eCommerce Joomla template with UI/UX enhancement. Although the template focuses on electronic and fashion store but with its logical eCommerce layout, JSN Mall will fit any merchandise categories.


  • Don’t show links of module Login in it is called in mega menu.


  • Logo colour doesn’t change in accordance with variations.
  • Update custom coming soon page for template.


  • Update the module show social icon.


JSN Miro - version 1.0.2

JSN MiroJSN Miro is a furniture template with minimalist style. It was created to focus solely on the products and enhance the customer experience. The template also includes all the great features: responsive design, free JSN extensions, J2Store and many more.


  • Update styles for checkout form.


JSN Bakery - version 1.0.1

JSN BakeryJSN Bakery is designed with clean and unique UI elements which can be easily customized for making any restaurant, bakery, pizza, food business website, etc.


  • Don’t show icons for the form.
  • Update custom coming soon page for template.


JSN BuildUp - version 1.0.1

JSN BuildUpJSN BuildUp is a highly responsive Joomla template for a construction company and vacation rental websites. At the first look at it, you will be amazed at the professional and luxurious design.


  • Bug with right to left.
  • Update module use slider PageBuilder 3.
  • Name of extra field only shows out frontend.


  • Implement style of submenu.
  • Fix styles to compatible with RTL slider.
  • Update custom coming soon page for template.


JSN Educo - version 1.0.3

JSN EducoJSN Educo is a specialized template for schools, universities and large educational corporates. It evokes a sense of credibility and profession of an educational website with a cleanly-designed page layout.


  • Don’t show register form on demo site.


As usual, here’s the monthly overview, JoomlaShine always want to improve our products, we really appreciate any feedback about JoomlaShine extension and templates. Therefore, please contact us via live chat or forum if you have any problems.

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