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JSN Sun Framework is upgraded to version 2.0.2


JoomlaShine would like to announce the improvement of JSN Sun Framework with the released new version 2.0.2. In order to raise the quality of JSN Templates, JoomlaShine still keeps optimizing JSN Sun Framework and the progress will continue with long-term roadmap. About this new version, most of the upgrades are for the framework are made for the main core, some updates for UI design, and bug fixes.


Firstly, there are some remarkable improvements, which are pagination support for article and module selector and functionality for sample data installation. The option to select background image after install only Layout and Styles from sample data now will be displayed on preview, in the previous version it was disabled so users can not see the preview of this option.

Bug fixes

In addition, there are some important bug fixes that would be highlighted below:

  • Custom Layout now can be saved in template admin
  • Be able to select another menu from select language menu & save
  • Menu icon can be made for menu type Menu Heading
  • Fix Custom HTML element for Default Editor as JSN Pagebuilder 3


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