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[Big update] JSN PageBuilder 3 v1.4.3 is released with 25 + new page templates

JSN PageBuilder3-v1.4.3

Greeting all JoomlaShine users,

Our proudly JSN PageBuilder 3 have taken another giant update to become more and more worthy of your investment. Over 25+ page templates have been added and some major update in this version. A very big improvement for a powerful drag-and-drop page builder.

New updates overview

  • Add over 25+ page templates
  • Fix to work perfectly on IE 11+ and PHP 5.6+
  • Remove character limitation
  • SH404 SEF components are now fully compatible

25+ new page templates

If in the previous version, the lack of page templates could be somewhat a disadvantage for JSN PageBuilder 3. But until now with a great number of new page templates in many different categories: home page, about us, 404, coming soon, etc.., it has significantly saved your time when building a website. And in this era, time is money.

Additionally, the new page templates also bring the diversity in page layout building. All new page templates come from our 3 beautiful, niche templates:

Let’s check out some new page templates we recently added.

There are a ton of new page templates

- New homepage template:

- New about us page templateNew gallery page template:

And many, many more for you to choose from.

Remove the character limitation

Following the recent concern with JSN PageBuilder 3’s character limitation (64000 characters). This update will relieve you from that problem.

There are now no boundaries for a maximum character in any component. Let your impressive words and style flow without limitation. The only boundary now is your imagination.

Final words

Do not hesitate to update to the latest version. It could be a big loss for you and your customer with all the amazing new page templates and features.

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