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Release: JSN Miro – An interior and furniture Joomla template with minimalist style


If you are looking for a Joomla template with sophisticated, minimalist design, JSN Miro will be the right choice for you.

Starting as an interior and furniture Joomla template but developed with full feature of an online store. Therefore, with just a few modifications, your site will ready to be a great e-commerce site.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how it could benefit your business 

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  • An ideal choice for an interior and furniture business.
  • Minimalist, sophisticated design, focus solely on products.
  • Fully compatible with Joomla! 3.x
  • Niche template included.
  • Freely to modify the page thanks to JSN PageBuilder 3 and JSN Sun Framework as well as other JSN extensions: JSN ImageShow, JSN Uniform, JSN PowerAdmin 2.
  • All basic pages: “About us”, “Contact”, “404”, “Blog” have been pre-built with great design and layout.
  • Menu variation: Mega menu, tree menu, side menu.
  • 6 color themes to choose from.
  • Default Joomla content element redesign to match the template theme
  • Sell your products easily with 3rd party extension: J2Store
  • Fully responsive design.

A Joomla Template with minimalist style

“Less is more” – The way of saying: “Simplicity and clarity lead to good design”. For a furniture Joomla template like JSN Miro, we truly apply this idea.

All the unnecessary element is stripped out, the design just focuses solely on the products. Thus, this style gives your product enough room to “breath” and your customer a clear mind for consideration without overwhelming by confused features.

Furthermore, because of simplifying every detail, a minimalist design also helps reduce site's loading time as well as making responsive design smoother.

Finally, with clear navigation, JSN Miro is certain to increase user experiences, meaning more time on site. And the more time a customer spends on your site, the more chance they will buy something from you.

The design makes JSN Miro look sophisticated but it is the feature that makes this template become your ideal choice.

Professional store with J2Store extension

J2Store is a very power e-commerce store extension. It has all the feature in order to sell things professionally. Pre-built products listing and products detail page, searching, sorting, add to cart, multiple images, payment, and many, many more amazing features.

Among hundreds of Joomla e-commerce extensions, we chose J2Store because it’s proved to be the best of all. Thus, if you intend to look for a replacement, we suggest not to, it’s just a waste of time.

Well design pre-built pages

Surely, web design is a very time consuming and exhausting job. Therefore, we think it is best for you when all the essential pages are built and easy to modify. “About us”, “Blog”, “404” and “Contact” have been built already with JSN PageBuilder 3.

Therefore, all the job was left for you is changing text and pictures.

Including all JSN best extensions

One of the things that make JSN Miro is an amazing interior Joomla template is their included extension.

  • JSN Power Admin 2: Handy administration tool that received a lot of good review in JED.
  • JSN ImageShow: See the promotion banner in homepage? It was created very easily with this extension.
  • JSN UniForm: Building registration form, contact form or email subscription? Give it a try with JSN Uniform
  • JSN PageBuilder 3: a powerful drag and drop page builder with great potential. Most of modules and pages in JSN Miro were built by this one. Therefore, modifying your page would be a very exciting job.

Changing layout with JSN Sun Framework

Not just changing layout, you also can freely create new module and module position. Add, modify, manage layout all in one page with drag and drop feature. Not to mention some very useful feature like creating a Mega menu. You can find out more about this amazing framework in here.

Multiple colors to choose from

Don’t like our current ink color theme? So, which one of purple, blue, red, green, yellow you like best?

Origin: a niche furniture Joomla template for a quick start

Have full features as JSN Miro but focus more on being a furniture site. Let make use of this niche design right away by changing the text and images of your interior business. Then, a new sophisticated look for your furniture Joomla website has been made in an unexpectedly easy way.

In conclusion

JSN Miro will be an ideal choice for your interior and furniture website with all the amazing features and minimalist design. But only your imagination would be a limit on using this template as your future website.

Let’s try JSN Miro now for a great experience.

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