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[New release] JSN Megazine 2 - A modern Joomla sports and magazine template


Feel the hype of a real sports event within a website is no longer impossible with JSN Megazine 2. A Joomla sports and magazine template with a sophisticated design and exclusive module built just for sports.

At first glance, you can embrace the feeling of professional sports site that JSN Megazine 2 and 360 Sport are constantly showing throughout the design:

  • Fixtures of your favorite team
  • Match score
  • Player - team profile
  • Standing table

These are just a few things you can make with JSN Megazine 2. The real power still lies beneath its design.

Enough said. Let’s find out!


  • Responsive! All device! Cross-browser!
  • Perfectly compatible with Joomla! 3x. Even with Joomla 3.9
  • Built any sport related website with JoomSport extension
  • Six color themes to choose.
  • Saving time with pre-built pages: Quick Tour, About Us, Coming Soon, 404.
  • Flexible menu variations: Mega Menu, Side Menu and Tree Menu.
  • Power by JSN Sun Framework latest version.
  • Integrated Joomla! Page builder extension:  JSN PageBuilder 3.
  • Beautiful slideshow display with JSN ImageShow.
  • Smart Joomla! Form builder extension: JSN UniForm.
  • Joomla! Admin extension: JSN PowerAdmin 2.  


Focus on bringing the latest action of your favorite sport; you can see the website homepage is flooded with the latest news and video to keep your reader lingering from one article to another.

Increase time on site with an interesting sport module

For the first time, JoomlaShine and JoomSport are co-operated to make JSN Megazine 2 such a sophisticated template.

Inspire by the exciting sports world, this template is designed to bring the dynamic atmosphere to your site.

JoomSport provides you enough “tools” to transform a regular local news site to ESPN or Sky Sports level. Let’s take a look.

Match Score

One of the most important modules for any sports site, knowing all the latest score is a real need for any sports fan.

With its Live API Score Update feature, your side looks more lively than ever.


Provide details fixtures with date and stadium name.

Standing table

Team layout

This feature is what keeps sports fan to ditch more into your site, learning about the club and player.

Above features are just a tiny part of what JSN Megazine 2 and 360 sports can bring to your Joomla sports site. Take a look at the demo to experience all the features.

Including Joomla Best Page Builder

JoomSport is not the only the fantastic extensions that contribute to the professional design of JSN Megazine 2; you also have the chance to use one of the most powerful page builder in Joomla world: JSN PageBuilder 3

By using PageBuilder 3, you can create or modify a new module, component or event an article with a drag-and-drop feature.

Drag and drop layout with JSN Sun FrameWork

The powerful layout management system - JSN Sun FrameWork. Not just changing the layout, it also helps you create a new module position, defines template style, enables mega menu and so much more.

Multiple Color Themes To Choose From

Like any JoomlaShine templates before, multiple colors option is added to your favor.

All Sports display with 360 Sports Niche Template

If you want to build a sports magazine, this niche template may meet your need.

In summary

JSN Megazine 2 and 360 Sports are initial design just for sport and magazine site. With the integration of JoomSport extension, your site will be popular in no time among the die-hard sports fan. 

Note: The pricing plan of JSN Meetup does not include JoomSport extension.


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