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[Release] JSN Meetup - A professional Joomla event template


JSN Meetup is the newest Joomla template that joins JoomlaShine family. It focuses entirely on building efficient conference, event and meetup sites with a stunning and well responsive design.

It’s also included a Joomla popular event management extension: Event Booking along with other powerful JSN Extensions to help you change potential visitor into real attendee. And more importantly, you can try it for free.

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Overview features in JSN Meetup template

  • Perfectly compatible with Joomla! 3x.

  • Two beautiful niches: Meetup & Conference.

  • Six color themes to choose from.

  • Saving time with pre-built pages: Quick Tour, About Us, Coming Soon, 404 Error, and the most important one: Event Pages.

  • Flexible menu variations: Mega Menu, SideSide Menu and Tree Menu.

  • Power by JSN Sun Framework latest version.

  • Integrated Joomla! Page builder extension: JSN PageBuilder 3.

  • Smart Joomla! Form builder extension: JSN UniForm.

  • Joomla! Admin extension: JSN PowerAdmin 2.

  • Efficiently manage and display your event with Events booking - 3rd party extension developed by JoomDonation.

  • Fully responsive design. A feature included in every JSN template.

Display and manage your event with Events booking

Could not be called the template for event site without this extension: Events Booking - a well-known and trusted extension that used by many Joomla developers.

Developed by JoomDonation, Events Booking has everything you need for an event extension. Provide developer and user the flexibility in both event display and management. You could check out the list of features that event booking bring to the table:

  • Recurring event: Create multiple instances of the same event
  • Location and venues management
  • Beautiful responsive layouts
  • Multilingual solution
  • Various discount options
  • ...And many more.

Events booking has also been used in our JSN Fidem templates before, but up to now, it has the chance to take a spotlight for itself.

Let's check out the implementation of Events Booking in JSN Meetup.

Event registration

A very detail pre-built registration form come with a group and individual options.

Group registration feature

Event category

Display your list of events in 4 different styles. This feature significantly increases your user interface and user experiences with an informative and useful design.

Event categories

Show all your event categories with categories blog style like in Joomla

Event calendar

If you want a module in the right position that displays all your next coming event in the form of a calendar, this feature can help you create it.

Event submit

Add more events to your site in immense detail with ease. You could flexibly modify from basic information like title, date to the discount rate.

Add a new event or event location easily with detail submit form

All things above describes how Events Booking extension supports our template: JSN Meetup. How do you think about it? Do you love Events Booking?

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Including JoomlaShine best features

As usual, JSN PageBuilder 3, JSN UniForm and JSN PowerAdmin 2 also included in JSN MeetUp.

By using PageBuilder 3, you can create or modify a new module, component or event an article with a drag-and-drop feature.

JSN Uniform come in handy with various options to build a complete form. While JSN Power Admin 2 will make Joomla is not a complicated CMS anymore.

Last but not least, the powerful layout management system - JSN Sun FrameWork. Not just changing the layout, it also helps you create a new module position, defines template style, enables mega menu and so much more.

Multiple color themes to choose from

6 to be exact. The original demo uses the green theme but you can always choose from 5 others colors like orange, red, blue, purple, pink.

Quick start with Conference niche template

If you are looking especially for a conference Joomla template. This niche will meet your need. Just change the content you want and it will be ready to promote your big day.

Final word

With the harmony combination of JoomlaShine professional template design and Event booking extension, even your most difficult visitor still engage to look in detail. So, if you want to fill up your empty seat in a swift. Let's try JSN MeetUp now!

Don't forget with the purchasing of JSN MeetUp you could get a 15% discount code for Events Booking from our partner JoomDonation.

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