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JSN Kidzone - Education Joomla template for Kindergarten and school


If you are looking for a Joomla school template, JSN Kidzone is an perfect fit for any education site, especially for kindergarten website.

This time, thanks to the cooperation with Joomlapolis, JSN Kidzone brings a new interesting extension for education websites - Community Builder - which can create an intranet community in your own website.

Let’s check all the powerful features of JSN Kidzone now!

JSN Kidzone Overview

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Easy to customize, flexible layout position thanks to JSN Sun Framework
  • Compatible with any Joomla 3.x version
  • Saving time with five pre-built pages: Quick Tour, About, Contact, Coming Soon, 404 Error.
  • Include all powerful JSN Extensions: JSN PageBuilder 3, JSN UniForm, JSN PowerAdmin 2.
  • Six theme colors: Purple, Orange, Light Pink, Red, Blue.
  • Flexible menu variations: Mega Menu, Side Menu and Tree Menu.
  • Create your own educational intranet community with Community Builder - 3rd party extension developed by Joomlapolis.
  • Create attractive blog layout with K2 Blog extension.
  • Build engagement forum with Kunena

Dazzle your users with an amazing kid-friendly design

JSN Kidzone has been built with professional kindergarten and primary school websites mindset. Having a combination of vibrant colors and harmonious layouts, this kindergarten design only needs less than a second to convince visitors to stay at your website instead of leaving immediately.

Beautiful and clear design with independent elements helps users freely edit contents in just a few clicks without breaking layout.

Save your precious time with Pre-built pages

Pre-built pages including Home, About, Contact, 404, Coming soon help you save much time yet own the beautiful educational website.

Create your social intranet community with Community Builder...

New blog entries, new status, new forum topics, new activities… are updated continuity and encourage users to interact with each other more.

Users have their own space at the Profile page - where they can add/edit engaging applications such as Kunena Forum, K2 Blog on and personalize their profile.

Users are divided into groups in categories, which make it easier and more convenient to manage your intranet educational community.

See categories and numbers of groups in that category

….and other best features from 3rd party Joomla extensions and JoomlaShine

Note: JSN Kidzone still works perfectly without any of 3rd party extension.

Best version of JSN Extensions: Powerful drag-and-drop editing tools in JSN SunFramework, PageBuilder 3, PowerAdmin 2 are optimized for outstanding user experience.


JSN Uniform: Quick and Easy Contact form creation and editing.

Introducing Community Builder - Social networking solution

Being a product of JoomlaPolis, Community Builder helps users to create an online community right on their website.

Community Builder gives your website full of essential features (like facebook or twitter): changing avatar/canvas, updating personal information, making friends, sharing status, photos, stories; creating topics and discussing. You can discover all the features of Community Builder here. 


JSN Kidzone has been developed with professional Joomla school, and kindergarten website mindset and it will meet all the expectations for an education template.

Don’t forget that the template is integrated with Community Builder from JoomlaPolis that help you keep a tight relationship with your target audiences.

Try it for free to experience what this great combination can do.

View JSN Kidzone Demo

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