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JoomlaShine Customer Area – how it works

JoomlaShine Customer Area – how it works

Have you ever wondered what the "JoomlaShine Customer Area" looks like, and what you can do with it? In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the interesting things that you might like to know about our Customer Area.

In brief, the Customer Area is where you can download purchased products, manage your profile, register domains, download invoices, renew or upgrade products, get dedicated support, etc. Please note that, only customers who own a PRO Edition can access all the functions of the Customer Area.

Here are more details!

Customer Profile & Download invoice

Manage Customer Profile

When you select the tab "Customer Profile", you can manage all of your personal information, such as username, password, email, address, etc. You should enter your real information because sometimes you might need to download an invoice.

JoomlaShine Customer Area

Download invoice

If you purchase our products and your company needs an invoice, you can download one from the Customer Area. When you click on the tab "Orders & Downloads", you will see an orange button "Get invoice". In the case where you received an invoice with some incorrect information, you can update your billing information to download a corrected one later.

A sample invoice

Products and Support

JoomlaShine Customer Area

Upgrade product edition (1)

If you want to upgrade from PRO STANDARD to PRO UNLIMITED Edition, just click on the button "Upgrade" and follow the steps. Please note that, you will need to pay extra money calculated by the price difference between the 2 editions. 

Download purchased products (2)

After you have finished the payment, log in your Customer Area and you will see the button "Download". You can download not only your purchased products, but you can also download the Quickstart Package and some free products like an E-book, free editions of JSN ImageShow, etc.

JoomlaShine Customer Area 

Register domain for FREE support (3)

It's easier for us to support you if you provide us with the domain name that you used with our products. It is our policy to provide FREE support for 01 domain with PRO STANDARD customers, and unlimited domains with PRO UNLIMITED customers, so:

  • With the PRO STANDARD Edition: You can register 1 domain only, and you can only change that domain 3 times.
  • With the PRO UNLIMITED Edition: You can register unlimited domains.

Renew subscription

For each order we provide you with the date when you bought the product and when the subscription will expire. At that time, you can click to the "Renew" button to renew your subscription with a 30% discount.

JoomlaShine Customer Area

Dedicated support

If you are a PRO edition owner, you can get much better support through our Dedicated Ticket Support system. To access it, you select the tab "Dedicated Support". As a policy, we promise to answer your tickets within 12 – 16 hours so you can be sure that your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

JoomlaShine Customer Area

Partner Discount

In Customer Area, via the "Partner Discount" tab, you can access to our Partner Discount page to see all the JoomlaShine partners and the discounts you get when you buy their products. Please note that, only PRO Edition owners can see the discount codes.

JoomlaShine Customer Area

I have just introduced you to what you can do in the Customer Area. We hope that it's easy for you to deal with product upgrades and  renewals, register domains, and more. Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas about what we should improve.

Log in to the Customer Area

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