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JoomlaShine 2018 Recap - A chance to look back

2018 Rewind. A look back at JoomlaShine

A big thank for all JoomlaShine customers

Before taking you to 2018 recap, we would like to take this chance to thank you, all of JoomlaShine customers, who stick with us, believe and support us through thick and thin

Your support has been our endless source of motivation, help us continue to grow strongly over the course of 10 years.

Hopefully, our effort to develop better products and be a helpful supporter could be seen as a token of our appreciation.

Now let's look back at what JoomlaShine have completed in 2018.

What we have done in 2018

2018 is undoubtedly a busy year. All the works we have done all share the same goal: To help you find the best solution to build a Joomla site.

In case you have missed some important updates, here is our summary.

JoomlaShine Templates

Converted 38 templates to a new generation with 15+ niches

In 2018, Joomlashine converted 38 templates to the new generation which based on a new superb template framework, called JSN SunFramework. Please have a look at this blog to get more details about this big update.

Released 11 new templates with 15+ niches

In addition, JoomlaShine also released 9+ new 2nd generation templates covered many industries. All the new templates are equipped with fully responsive design and mobile-friendly feature, not to mention all of JoomlaShine best extensions.

  1. JSN Educo: Education and corporate template.
  2. JSN Moviebox: Modern and cinematic Joomla template.
  3. JSN Bakery: One-page and eCommerce template.
  4. JSN Vintage 2: The personalized portfolio template.
  5. JSN TasteTea: Fresh design for eCommerce sites.
  6. JSN Power: Template for fitness or eCommerce sites.
  7. JSN BuildUp: Template for construction & rental sites.
  8. JSN Miro: Minimalist furniture template.
  9. JSN MeetUp: Professional event template.
  10. JSN CarDealer: A template for automobile site.
  11. JSN Agency: Creative agency template.

However, JSN Epic 2, JSN Shine and JSN Dona 2 still remain our top favourite templates.

JoomlaShine Extensions

JSN PowerAdmin 2

JSN PowerAdmin, which stands at top 1 in “Administration” Category on Joomla Extension Directory, now has a new generation with a lot of new features, and improvements. Check this blog post to explore all JSN PowerAdmin 2 features in detail.

JSN PageBuilder 3

In 2018, JSN PageBuilder 3 has been put a significant effort for improving from functionalities, performance to UI/UX. You can check recent updates of JSN PageBuilder 3 via this blog.

JSN Sun FrameWork

We also focus on updating JSN Sun FrameWork this year. It’s included many new things:

  1. Apply Bootstrap 4 style to back-end screen. This change is for the preparation of JoomlaShine to move to Joomla! 4.
  2. Improve UX and performance.
  3. Implement meta description for an article.
  4. Update Cookie Consent.
  5. Add Privacy Settings feature.

Other Notable Products

Joomla! 3.x Made Easy eBook

This is a free eBook from JoomlaShine. The book is written for beginners who want to get familiar with Joomla! CMS. You can download it here.

Joomla Services

On the 4th quarter of 2018, we decided to relaunched Joomla Service with 4 major following services:

  • Full Joomla Website Development.
  • Template Customization & Development 
  • Extension Customization & Development.
  • Joomla & JoomlaShine Products Update. 

Let our well-experienced developers make your websites evolved with Joomla latest version and our products.

If you are interested in our services, please check our services page.

Giving back to Joomla! Community

Support Joomla community always be a part of our goal. This year is no exception.

Support Joomla! Team

In 2018, we are proud to be a Silver sponsor for 2 big events of Joomla! Community.

Beside, we run some small promotion campaigns and donate a small amount of money of those sale-off campaigns to Joomla! Team. All the fund will be transferred via Joomla! sponsor page.

Partnership Program

In the 3rd quarter of 2018, we have launched the partnership program. Our main purpose for starting this program is that we want to bring a valuable solution with “Customer Centric” as the direction of our actions.

This program not only helps Joomla users have a completed solution for each industry, but also help other Joomla developers reach to potential customers.

At the moment, we have joined hand with 11 providers. They are the most trusted providers in Joomla! Market. All our partners are listed here.

JoomlaShine upcoming plan in 2019

To prepare for 2019 full of chance and opportunity, we carefully making the plan for the upcoming year. Hope you will find something worth the wait in our plan.


We will release about 13 new templates for other categories. Make all of our template compatible with Joomla 3.x & 4 version. Support BootStrap 4 for all 2nd generation templates.


For extensions, we are going to do as follow:

  • Make all current JoomlaShine extensions compatible with incoming Joomla 3.x & 4 version
  • Improve performance and add new features for JSN PowerAdmin 2
  • Refactor JSN PageBuilder 3 core to prepare for big updates about new features, UX, and performance as well. Besides, we are going to released new 50 page templates for JSN PageBuilder 3
  • Release Google Photo source for JSN ImageShow

Other Products

Joomla! Ebook

We are going to publish a new free edition of Joomla! Made Easy eBook for Joomla 4. This eBook aim for Joomla! Newbies who are starting to learn and explore Joomla 4.

Joomla Services

Beside current service, we are going to launch 2 new services:

  • Converting 1st Gen JoomlaShine template to 2nd Gen service.
  • Joomla & JoomlaShine Products Update service.

Continue to support Joomla! Community

Support Joomla! Team

In 2019, we continue to support Joomla! Team by being a sponsor for upcoming Joomla Day events and frequently donate for Joomla! Team via Joomla! sponsor page through small campaigns.

Partnership Program

The partnership program will still be one of our main focus this year. We plan to partner with some of the most popular providers in Joomla market, such as: J2 Store, Hikashop, TZ Portfolio and many more.

Publish more useful articles

Our main purpose is to publish quality blog posts for Joomla and JoomlaShine users, bring valuable knowledge of Joomla and solutions to resolve frequently challenged issues.

In summary

Together, we have achieved so many things in 2018. However, more than 10 years in Joomla business has taught us a valuable lesson: we can not rest on our laurels. Hard work and commitment to the goal are the key to success.

2019 full of opportunity is awaiting not just for JoomlaShine and also for you, my friend. Let’s continue to be a useful companion on your way to success. We promise you will be delight with our works.

Again, thank you for your endless support.

Wish you all the best & Happy new year!

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