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Joomla! 2.5 Form, what are the 5 best extensions?

To choose one Joomla 2.5 form extension, first you might go to the Joomla Extension Directory, but there you see more than 30 form extensions, and you have no time to try all of them. Moreover, you might worry about paying for an extension, is it suitable, is it worth the money, does it have good support? Therefore, based on my experience and user reviews, I've chosen the 5 best Joomla 2.5 form extensions for you. There are both free and commercial extensions. Check them out below.

5 Joomla forms | Joomla Form Extensions

Why and when you should choose Joomla forms?

There are many types of forms and in many cases when you need one. If you start a company, you might need a form for the "Contact Us" field or a form for "Recruitment" purposes. When you launch new products, you need to collect Customer feedback, so another form is necessary. Normally, Joomla users think about using the built-in form in Joomla, however with this you cannot use the Captcha to prevent spam, and in addition it doesn't have an "attachment" feature, so it's limited use. Therefore, you need to choose 3rd party extensions.

On what basis did I choose these 5 Joomla extensions?

Everybody has their own way to choose an extension, some prefer a low price but others just care about quality. In my opinion, these are some of the most important considerations:

  • Free or suitable price
  • Has good technical support and documentation
  • Gets great reviews from users on Joomla Extension Directory
  • Easy to create forms
  • Supports Joomla 2.5
  • Has mobile support

Discover the 5 best Joomla forms extensions

General review


Highlights Features



  • Drag and drop function
  • Simple back-end interface
  • Easy to create and customize the form in the back-end


JSN Uniform

  • Has Demo Admin to try first
  • Truly easy to use
  • Responsive design
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Beautiful front-end

Free / Commercial

($39 - $69)


  • Has Demo Admin to try first
  • Provides a detailed guide for each step
  • Drag and drop function
  • Responsive design


($19 - $59 - $99)

Breezing Forms

  • Clean, simple look and nice interface in the front-end
  • Responsive design
  • Detailed video guide
  • Drag and drop function


($99 - $199 - $399)

Blue Flame Forms

  • Has Demo Admin to try first
  • Provides a detailed guide for the trail process.
  • Easy to create forms



Detailed review


Chronoform | Joomla Form Extensions

The first time I downloaded Chronoform, I fell in love with it. Everything is simple to do. The documentation is a little limited but luckily, the extension itself is amazing. There are 2 ways to create a form with Chronoform: Form Wizard and Easy Form Wizard. With the Easy Form Wizard, the creation process is much easier than using the Form Wizard. The most convenient feature of Chronoform is drag and drop. You just drag and drop any item from Elements to the Preview tab. If you need to edit any item, just take a look at the right corner of any tab and you will see 3 small icons: Configure, drag to sort and delete. Everything related to creating a new form, you can do in one place, so it saves your time. For simple forms Chronoform is one of the best choices and totally free!

JSN Uniform

JSN Uniform | Joomla Form Extensions

A simple look, a nice interface and ease of use are about the main features of JSN Uniform. It covers most of the hottest features that a Joomla form should have. What I like most in JSN Uniform is that you can do everything in one place, from editing a form, to drag and drop to reorder the items, to adding a new field. Moreover, you will fall in love with it when you look at the form in the front-end. For Joomla newbies, you do not have to worry about how to use it, since everything is displayed clearly, so you can understand it easily. Besides this, you are free to create multipage forms with JSN Uniform. One of nice features is the responsive layout, which makes your forms appear beautifully on any mobile device. Let's go to JSN Uniform demo, build your own demo site and enjoy it.

Another thing that makes JSN UniForm truly worth your money is that you will receive the best support on both forum, dedicated system and live chat. Delivered to you in Free and Commercial Editions, you have a chance to download the free package then try it, however please note that the Free Edition has limited features in compared with the Commercial one. With JSN Uniform PRO Editions, you are offered 100% money back in 30 days guarantee. So, cook your forms with JSN Uniform!

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RSForm | Joomla Form Extensions

Although RSform!Pro is a totally commercial extension and there is no free edition to try, it does have a DEMO Admin for users to play with. In this demo, you are free to create a form, customize it and then see how it looks in the front-end. If you have never used any form extensions before, you need not worry since for each step to create a form, there is the detailed guide (you can skip it). When you use it for the first time, it's not easy at all. However, if you read the guide carefully, it's not a big problem. This extension can be recommended for any kind of site since it provides every kind of form. Moreover, it also has drag and drop functionality which means that it is easy to use. With €19, you can obtain one Pro Package with updates for 1 year. It's suitable, don't you think?


Breezing Form | Joomla Form Extensions

One thing that everybody cares about is support, but with BreezingForms, you do not have to worry since they deliver to you the proffesional support. The first time I saw how the form was presented in the front-end, I thought that it looked great. Anyone can use BreezingForm, and there are 3 ways for you to create a form: QuickMode (for Non-Programmers), EasyMode (For Designers) and ClassicMode (for Technicians). This nice extension comes with many amazing features that you might be looking for, such as multi-page and responsive forms, support for Joomla 3.0, Mailchipm, Dropbox and Saleforce integration,etc. Not only that, but drag and drop functionality is also included in BreezingForms. Its price might seem too high and there is no free edition to try it, but in my opinion, if you are seeking a multi-feature extension that has good support, then do not hesitate to pay for BreezingForms.

Blue Flame Forms

Blue Flame Form | Joomla Form Extensions

Like RSforms!Pro, Blue Flame Forms has a DEMO admin for customers to try. With Blue Flame Forms, you can easily and quickly create your form with a detailed guide for each step. It is a little bit sad that it doesn't include drag and drop functionality, one of the hottest features that most extensions should have. I think if you are a Joomla newbie and you love simple forms, then Blue Flame Forms is worth a try. You just need to pay £19,99 for this extension and you get free updates for life. So, play with the Demo Admin first and make up your own mind!

In conclusion

Now, do you have some comments or some ideas in your mind about forms that you want to share? Everything you've read is just based on my own and some of my friend's experiences, so your ideas are welcomed anytime. What do you think? If you see that there are other great form extensions that I should mention in this article, please feel free to let me know.

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