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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 steps to make your Joomla site mobile friendly

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 steps to make your Joomla site mobile friendly


Do you want to lose traffic and customers? Not making your site mobile- friendly is a fast way to woo away your site's visitors.

A mobile-friendly website now is not just the trend of website design, it's also important factors to determine your Joomla site search ranking. Moreover, after the big event: Google's Mobilegeddon - Mobile friendliness as ranking factor, creating a mobile-friendly site is a top-priority issue for any website. If your website is not yet mobile-friendly, make it happen right now.

This infographic will show you 5 simple steps to make your Joomla site mobile friendly.

JoomlaShine infographic: 5 steps to make your Joomla site mobile friendly

What is your opinion on the topic? Let us know below in the comments! Feel free to share this infographic to your friends to let them know how easy it is to make a Joomla site mobile friendly.

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