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How to use JSN UniForm in real life?

How to use JSN UniForm in real life?

JSN UniForm was released a year ago. In this time, it has been updated with continuous enhancements to fulfill its mission of helping Joomla! users create forms with maximum ease and joy. Have you utilized all of its cool features for your forms?

Let’s check how smart JSN UniForm users use these features in real life and how you can apply them to your forms:

Various options for form customization

You can create your form with a lot of different fields such as Email address, message to the website owner, and more. It is simple to add functionality to your forms: such as validate information to ask users to fill required fields, customized containers to group fields in an attractive way, or field instructions to explain fields more clearly.

Here are some examples:

Customized background active color

Validate information with Capitalcoaches

Customized background active color

Customized background active color with Quigleymatch-europa

Field instruction

Field instruction with Aardvarkroof

Conditional fields

Conditional fields allow you to show and hide fields based on the users’ selections. It couldn’t be easier to build a complex and dynamic form with a simple design! Just check out how Conceptcenter use this functionality.

With the field “Versicherungsart”, there are no additional fields when the option “Jahres-Reiseversicherung” is selected. However, if you choose “Einmaliger Versicherungsschutz” there are a range of additional fields for you to choose from.

Conditional field

Conditional field

Conditional field with Conceptcenter


This program blocks submissions from spambots by generating tests that only humans can pass. You have two Captcha options with JSN Uniform: Securimage and ReCaptcha. Let’s check out how they are used:


ReCaptcha with Helpfornate


Securimage with Kimianeginazma

Mobile support

JSN UniForm is responsive! So you are free to create your own form without worries about how an increasing number of smartphone users can browse your form. Just fill the form, attach file and submit them as the way you do on desktop.

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Responsive layout

Responsive layout

JSN UniForm is responsive on Sherwood

JSN UniForm is responsive on IAECD

Multilingual support

JSN UniForm supports 13 languages such as English, German, and French, etc. on both back-end and front-end. Below are some forms use different languages:

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Spanish supported

Spanish supported with sendyourbike

German supported

German supported with alpinclub-berlin

There are still more helpful features such as multiple pages, Google Maps integrated and so on. You can give it a try:

View Demo 

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And then? Share your masterpiece with us. We are looking forward to receiving and showcasing them!

Learn more about JSN UniForm: 


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