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How much does it cost to build a Joomla e-commerce website in 2021


"How much does it cost to build a Joomla e-commerce website?" is the ultimate question that has been asked by many people who want to open their online shop.

Knowing beforehand your expenses would give you an idea how much you need to invest in creating an e-commerce website and then create a plan and budget, preventing you from overspending.

In this article, I will show you a basic idea how much it will cost to build a Joomla e-commerce website in 2021.

Things to consider before creating a Joomla e-commerce website

Before getting your hand into the creation process, you need to map out a plan and things that you need to put in calculation in order for your website to run successfully.

What’s your budget?

Before making your decision on purchasing anything, you need to know your budget.

And this philosophy applies to the making of your e-commerce website as well. "How much do you have to build a proper online business?" As this will determine the professionalism of your website and what resources you will be using.

What features will your website have?

After setting your budget, it’s time to note down features that you want your website to have. This will let the creation process be more proficient and less time-consuming.

These features need to be in-line with your preset budget. If you are on a low budget, you might want to minimize some of the features, avoid more fancy, professional features and instead use more affordable but functional features.

Since we are building an e-commerce website, it requires a larger amount of resources than a blog website or business website.

What do you need to create a Joomla e-commerce website?

Similar to any other websites, there are a few things which are compulsory when building your e-commerce website to make it go live. These includes:

  • Joomla web hosting
  • Domain Name
  • SSL certificate (compulsory)
  • Template
  • Extensions
  • and Joomla CMS package

If you want to know more in detail about things you need to keep in mind when creating a Joomla e-commerce website, check out this blog post.

Joomla Web Hosting

There are 3 things that determine the cost of hosting:

  • The web hosting provider
  • The size of your business
  • The type of plan you choose

Which are the top Web Hosting Providers?

During our time practicing website-building, we have tested through different providers, here we have, in our opinion, the most suitable providers:

This is only the suggestion list if you are familiar with others you can choose to use it.

What is the price for hosting?

A cheap web hosting can be priced from $0.99/month and an expensive web hosting can go up to over $100/month. It depends on your needs and the scale of your business.

Normally, web hosting price range are as follows:

  • Shared Joomla Hosting: $3.95 - $5/month or $47.4 - $60/year
  • Managed Joomla Hosting: $15 - $30/month or $180 - $360/year

Note: For those of you who are not familiar with creating websites, if you plan to run your online business for a long period of time, you gonna need to keep subscribing your hosting as long as you want your site to be available.

Domain name

Domain name is a unique name that resembles your brand and users use this name to allocate your Joomla e-commerce site on the internet.

What is the price for a domain name?

The price of a domain name is uncertain since it completely depends on the extension. There are different extensions that you can choose from, such as .com, .net, .org or country-specific domain extensions such as .us, .de, .fr etc.

Also, there are some web hosting providers that offer free domain name for their shared Joomla hosting.

But nonetheless, a typical domain name will cost you from $10 - $30/year. And this is an annual expense if you want to keep your domain name.

Suggestion: NameCheap is a great place to register your domain name since it offers cheap domain registration, starting from $3.88/year.

SSL certificate

According to Cloudfare, SSL certificates are what enable websites to transfer from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. 

Since you’re aiming for a Joomla e-commerce website, it is essential to get a SSL certificate since you need to secure users' personal data such as credit card information, account and password, etc.

What is the price for a SSL certificate?

SSL certificate's price range can be varied, starting from $6 to over $120, depending on your needs and the providers.

Normally, it can cost you from $9 to $30/year.

Joomla E-commerce Templates

Storefront or online business, you will want your store to be well-designed and sophisticate to impress your visitors.

Hence, it is worth investing time and money on a suitable template to your e-commerce website. Joomla templates come with both free and paid versions. Though, premium templates tend to have higher quality and come with more professional design.

What is the price for a Joomla e-commerce template?

It depends on the template providers you choose from.

Though, it can be pricey, from $30 - $80.

Check out our Premium Joomla e-commerce templates here.

Joomla E-commerce Extensions

You can’t operate a Joomla e-commerce website without shopping cart extensions.

Joomla e-commerce extensions allow you to have the functionalities that a store requires such as sales management, stock management, check out process, payment method, etc.

What is the price for Joomla e-commerce extensions?

There are many different shopping cart extensions, from free of charge to more expensive one for you to choose from. It depends on your business’s size and budget to choose a suitable one.

The price of the Joomla e-commerce extension can be ranged from $0 - $50.

If you have trouble deciding which extension to go for, check out this blog regarding the top Joomla e-commerce extension for your references.

[Advanced practices] Additional functions that need to take into consideration

Above are all mandatory things that you need to put in account for when building your Joomla e-commerce website.

However, there are different functions of a website that helps you increase traffic and conversion rate. And to my experience, it is worthy of your investment. After all, you’re running a business, your optimal goal is to boost sales and increase profit.

Using a Joomla Page Builder extension to build your webpage

First, Joomla Page Builder can be a great plugin for everyday users and professionals alike. It makes things easier to implement complex designs without the need to code.

Second, it’s a great tool to create landing pages - an indispensable role for a website as well as for the Marketing activities since it is the first interaction between your website and visitors.

Converting visitors into leads is the first step in creating a healthy relationship between your company and potential customers. It illustrates a huge possibility of expanding your business and creating a sense of brand awareness.

What is the price for a Joomla Page Builder?

There are different Joomla Page Builder extensions such as JSN PageBuilder 4, SP PageBuilder, JA Builder, etc. And each comes with a different price.

The amount you have to pay to get a Joomla Page Builder extension is ranged from $35 - $60. If you have any specific use and require additional features, the price can go up to a few hundred bucks.

When you choose our JSN PageBuilder 4 to be your Joomla Page Builder, attached to it will be a template free of charge for you to choose as a thank you for trusting us to be your templates and extensions provider. This will help you save nearly a third of the total amount you have to spend on templates and extensions.


Creating a Joomla e-commerce website that have mobile-friendly layout

The number of shoppers using mobile devices to shop online is increasing. Therefore, you need to make your website compatible with different mobile devices.

Now, it can be a lot of work and costly to create a responsive layout website. Luckily, JSN PageBuilder 4 is built with a function that allows you to edit different layouts in the simplest way.

This will save you a great sum of money when investing in an e-commerce website.

In conclusion

And that’s all of the basic things that you need to consider when creating your own Joomla e-commerce website. Again, the cost can be varied depending on the premium tools and services you choose. The total price can range from $500 to $3000 per year.

Hence, setting out plans and finding a reasonable budget is essential to create a successful online shop.

Hope that you will learn a new thing or two after reading this article. Goodluck on your e-commerce site!

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