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5 ways to increase user experience with JSN Mall


In the 21st century, brick and mortar store seems to belong in the past. We are living every second on the internet now. Shopping on the website is extremely popular. Therefore, entrepreneur, business owner, despite big or small, now invest more and more on building an effective eCommerce website.

This trend also makes a big challenge for Joomla template provider like JoomlaShine. It has to make us improve ourselves every-single-day to keep up with the exciting eCommerce world.

JSN Mall is our latest Joomla eCommerce business in 2019, and it embraces perfectly the idea of providing the best eCommerce website solution for any Joomla user. With the integration of EShop, the eCommerce solution we are talking about is very practical.

In this article, we want to show you how the combination JSN Mall template and EShop extension could make your eCommerce business blossom.

Multiple currencies

If your customers are all over the world, this feature will suit your customer nicely. Providing them with their country pricing is a nice way to start their shopping journey on your site.

You can add many currencies as you want. To change the setting, you can go to: Component -> EShop -> System -> Currencies and remember to enable EShop Currency Module

Wishlist page

The practice of wishlist page brings benefit to both customers and business owners. For customers, they get a list for the desired item but can’t or do not want to purchase it yet (money, out of stock, etc.) to buy later when have the right condition.

As for business owners, it not just bring more positive impact on user experiences but in term of marketing strategy, it’s a proven method for retaining customer loyalty. In details, you can send them a follow-up email to remind them about their wishlist, offer a discount, etc.

Compare page

For any electronic store, compare page is vital for the business. The habit of comparing these items often higher than any merchandise. Thankfully, JSN Mall has already built compare page within the template.

Option to add as many filters as you want

Filter or search brings the shortcut to your customer desired item. Years of buying online and thousand of eCommerce website have slowly taught us the habit of using search in everything.

 With JSN Mall and Eshop, you can add as many criteria as you want. And believe it or not, adding filter may be simple, but building an effective filter is another thing and there are many tests, case studies around this feature alone. If you want to know more, this article can provide you many useful insights.

Detail information display

Customer purchasing behavior has changed a lot since Google on the internet. For most people, they will have to search in detail, read reviews, compare between various brands before downing money.

With that series of action, the chance they get off your site and interested with another is inevitable. However, you sure can do something about it.

Provide them as detail information as you can get about your product. With blog, review article linked inside, it will make your visitor stay on your site much longer and the change of buying increasing.


JSN Mall and EShop happen to provide you the best tool to do that with detail information layout.

View product detail page

Other notable features of JSN Mall

Like any of our Joomla template before, JSN Mall still inherits all of our best features.

  • Perfectly responsive in all device
  • Compatible with any Joomla! 3x.
  • Six color themes to choose.
  • Saving time with pre-built pages: Quick Tour, About Us, Coming Soon, 404.
  • Flexible menu variations: Mega Menu, Side Menu and Tree Menu.
  • Integrated Joomla! Page builder extension: JSN PageBuilder 3.
  • Joomla! Admin extension: JSN PowerAdmin 2.
  • Include Fashion niche

In summary,

JSN Mall focuses on building an effective Joomla eCommerce site and optimizing for user experiences. However, we can’t make it without the help of EShop, one of the top Joomla eCommerce extensions.

With this perfect combination, we are very confident to make your eCommerce site successful.

Try JSN Mall now to experiences all of its amazing features.


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