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5 Must-Visit Websites for Joomla Templates

5 Must-Visit Websites for Joomla Templates

Just like the growing number of extensions, Joomla has a fairly huge repository of templates. More and more developers are creating and availing free, premium, hi-quality templates to the growing Joomla community online.

If you are eager to set up a Joomla website, then I believe the following High-quality Joomla templates will give you a great head start. You can search Google keywords, such as “Joomla Template” or” Professional Joomla Template”, “Free Joomla Template” and Mr.G will give back to you a thousand of websites.

Even so, you’ll find that some websites are more valuable than others. In a short while, today I will share 5 Joomla Hi-Quality Template websites that you should use. 



ThemeForest is a marketplace for html templates, themes (WordPress, Joomla, Magento.etc.), which owned by Envanto an online company geared to help individuals earn and learn online. 

Since they are pooling resources from hundreds of high-end developers from across the world, ThemeForest has the most extensive network of tools that will surely provide you with every single detail you should need. Before any themes or templates are listed on ThemeForest, the Envato review team reviews it extensively. 

Provided more than 15,742 Site Templates and Themes from $3, which easy to find templates through the categories. Themeforest is the template website you should have when using any CMSs. 



JoomlaShine is a Source of FREE Hi-Quality Joomla Templates. All of our templates & extensions have outstanding design, functionality and usability. It provides high-quality Joomla templates and Joomla extensions.

JoomlaShine is widely recognized as a Source of FREE Hi-Quality Joomla Templates. It focuses on the design, functionality and usability of both Free Hi-Quality Products and Commercial Products.

JoomlaShine has supplied a wide range of templates and extensions, with a constant improvement in the quality of its second generation of templates and extensions. It also provides different options from free templates- which you can upgrade whenever, to trial or PRO

Its solutions are designed especially for Joomla Content Management System so you can find Joomla Templates with good quality, full-support at the website.



joomla24 is known is the Downloadbase for Joomla!® Templates. In collaboration with the biggest German Downloadbase, offer more than 4000 Templates with live preview for Joomla. So if you want to find free Joomla Template, is for you.



Template Monster is a website that sells web and flash templates. The company is known for being the largest online template provider on the Internet.

About Joomla Templates, you can find over 700 Joomla templates of premium quality. New Joomla themes are produced daily. They also provide Stock Photos that are included into the template previews which you see here are yours to keep – as long as they’re within the template-based website.

Moreover, You will get 24/7 free support via Live chat, phone support or tickets system. 



Joomlart is the website which has been a leading provider for Joomla template and Magento theme solutions since 2006 with quality design templates and extensions that aim to help Joomla and Magento users in developing the out-of-the-box site.

Besides 5 websites I show you above, you also can search more with some other Joomla Template websites, such as Template Directory, JomBoom, SiteGround, a4joomla.etc.
If you have any questions or suggestion about Joomla Template Websites, please comment below.

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